Red Pikmin
Red Pikmin's clay art for Pikmin 2.









Red pikmin are the first pikmin you find in pikmin, pikmin 2, but not in cammin. They can be distingulushed by their red color and their nose.

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Red Pikmin are the first variety of Pikmin identified in the Pikmin games. Aside from their color, the distinguishing feature of Red Pikmin is their pointed noses. These Pikmin possess an immunity to fire, making them useful for fighting Fiery Bulblaxes and Fiery Blowhogs and passing by - or, in Pikmin 2, destroying - fire geysers. They spend nights in the Red Onion. Of the three Pikmin types in Pikmin, they have the greatest attack strength maybe due to that they have fiery properties and thorn-pointed noses to spike enemies with to deal more damage, only bested by Purple Pikmin by their strong attack power in Pikmin 2, though their high strength

The red pikmin carrying a purple berry.

is removed in 2-Player mode to make them equal to Player 2's Blue Pikmin.

In both games, they are found on Day 1, which, in both cases, has no time limit. In Pikmin, the Red Onion is located where Olimarlands, and ejects the first seed; in the second game, 5 Red Pikmin are found, fighting a Dwarf Red Bulborb immediately by Olimar in the Valley of Repose, while the Red Onion is closer toLouie's landing spot. In order to increase the number of them, aCaptain can order corpses or Pellets to be carried to the Red Onion, or other colors of Pikmin can be thrown into aCrimson Candypop Bud.

Red Pikmin appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy and a type of Pikmin Olimar can pull from the ground via Pikmin Pluck. Red Pikmin, like in the games, deal a high amount of damage (in Brawl, Purple Pikmin only have higher knockback, but do less damage to foes than Red Pikmin). Also, Red Pikmin have fiery properties to deal more damage and are immune to fire attacks such as Bowser's or Charizard's Fire Breath or Mario's Fireballs.