White Pikmin
White Pikmin
Red Pikmin's clay art for Pikmin 2.









White Pikmin are poison resistant Pikmin found only in Pikmin 2. They can be distingulished by their smallness, their speed, and their red eyes, which have x-ray vision.

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White Pikmin

A white pikmin.

White Pikmin are found only in Pikmin 2, where they are the third type of Pikmin found. They are produced through Ivory Candypop Buds, the first of which are in the White Flower Garden. Like Purple Pikmin, their flowers are pink rather than white.

These Pikmin are smaller than other types of Pikmin. They have red eyes devoid of pupils, that allow them to locate treasures that are completely buried underground, which is demonstrated shortly after collecting them. They are the fastest of all Pikmin, such that, when flowered, they run at least as quickly as Captains equipped with Rush Boots. White Pikmin are also immune to poison, allowing them to destroy poison pipes and walk through poison

ous emissions. Also, they release toxic secretions when eaten, and in doing so deal heavy damage to their predator. However, this does not prevent their death, leaving this ability as a last resort. Interestingly, these Pikmin attack and down Pellet Posies faster than either Yellow Pikmin or Blue Pikmin. Each attack does the same amount of damage, but the White Pikmin attacks faster.

White Pikmin Bud

A white Pikmin with a Bud.

Three Ivory Candypops are found in the White Flower Garden on Sublevel 3 when you have 19 or fewer whites, and many are on Sublevel 4 of the Subterranean Complex.


Below is a list of how many White Pikmin certain enemies must eat so that they die from poison. The numbers indicate how many White Pikmin are needed when they are eaten at the same time.