Yellow Pikmin
Yellow Pikmin
Yellow Pikmin's clay art for Pikmin 2.









Yellow pikmin are electricity immune pikmin and can be thrown the highest, and can be distingulished by their bright yellow color and their ears.

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Yellow Pikmin are the second type of Pikmin collected in Pikmin and the fourth type in Pikmin 2. These Pikmin have what would appear to be large ears; these are the means by which they are primarily identifiable. It is not known, however, whether or not this actually aids their hearing. In both games the Yellow Pikmin can be thrown higher than

other Pikmin due to their ears, which help them glide[1]. This is an ability

which is needed to retrieve certain elevated ship parts and treasures. Additionally, Yellow Pikmin appear to like being in elevated places, such as trees.

Gold Colors

A yellow pikmin, sitting around.

In PikminEdit

In Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin can be found in The Forest of Hope inside a dormant Yellow Onion. In this first game, they are able to carry explosive bomb-rocks, which can be used to defeat enemies or demolish gates, and are required to demolish stone walls. Improper handling of bomb-rocks can result in accidental friendly fire, so caution is advised.

In Pikmin 2Edit

In Pikmin 2, one can find these pointy-eared Pikmin in the Perplexing Pool at the end of a long and twisted path; White Pikmin are necessary just to reach them. Yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity but no longer have the ability to carry bomb-rocks. This may be explained by the rocks' increased size in Pikmin 2.